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How It Works

We're Available In-person And Online


We specialize in individual tax returns. Whether you're an employee filing a W-2, a contractor taking part in the sharing economy filing a 1099 or a small business owner, we are here to help. We understand the importance of minimizing your tax and getting you the maximum refund you are legally entitled to.  In order to do this and to prepare a complete and accurate return we take the time to get to know you and your goals.

Mraz Tax Solutions will not just prepare your tax return but also review and explain it to you. When you understand your tax return and why you are paying the taxes you are paying it allows you to see how every day life impacts you during tax time. This makes planning for the future easier.

Complete, personalized tax services for individuals,
self-employed, and small businesses. Call now for immediate results.



Pick a day and time that works best for you.  Keep in mind, if you are filing jointly, both you and your spouse must be present to review and sign your privacy notice and engagement letter in order for us to accept your tax documents and prepare your tax return.  We will contact you when your tax return is complete and ready for you to review and sign.


If you prefer, you may have us complete your tax return from the comfort of your home.  After contacting us we will securely send you your privacy notice and engagement letter electronically. After verifying your identity you will be able to review and sign.  If you are married filing jointly, you and your spouse may sign individually or together from anywhere through your computer or mobile device.  This is ideal if one or both of you are out of town or country.  Once we receive your signed privacy notice and engagement letter giving us permission to prepare your tax return, we will set up a secure encrypted account for you where you can answer a detailed intake questionnaire as well as upload all of your tax documents.  You can scan your documents in or take a picture of them with your mobile device.


After we finish preparing your tax return, we will schedule an appointment to review it with you over the phone.  Before viewing your tax return, you will be required to electronically verify your identity through a series of questions only you know the answers to, similar to when you wish to view your online credit report.  Once you have reviewed and signed your tax return, you will sign Form 8879 allowing us to E-File it for you.  When your tax return is accepted by the IRS and State we will upload a confirmation receipt into your Intuit Link account along with a copy of your filed tax return, which will be available to you year-round.


Sample DocuSign Email to review document


STEP 1:  Receive Your Privacy Notice and Engagement Letter

You and your spouse will receive your privacy notice and engagement letter via email.

Samp Intake Questionnaire


STEP 7:  Intake Questionnaire

Complete your intake questionnaire so that we may understand your tax situation and serve you better.  Completing your questionnaire will also fulfill our due diligence so that we may prepare your tax return.

Sample access code confirmation screen


STEP 2:  Confirm Your Identity

You and your spouse will each receive a unique access code to confirm your

identities before reviewing and signing your privacy notice and engagement letter.

Sample form to be signed


STEP 3:  Review and Sign

Review and sign your privacy notice and engagement letter.  You and your spouse may do this at the same time or separately through your computer or phone.

Sample email invite to Intuit Link


STEP 4:  Receive an Invite to Intuit Link

After reviewing and signing your privacy notice and engagement letter you will receive an invitation to create your Intuit Link account, this is where you can upload your tax documents.

Sample create your account screen


STEP 5:  Create Your Account

Once you click "Accept" in the email you receive, you will be taken to Intuit Link to create your account.  If you've worked with Intuit products before, such as QuickBooks, you may already have an account login and password.

Sample Intuit Link welcome screen


STEP 6:  Welcome!

Welcome to your encrypted and secure Intuit Link account where you may share your tax documents, communicate with us back and forth, review and sign your tax return, as well as access it year-round.

Sample document checklist


STEP 8:  Upload Your Documents

Once you upload all of your tax documents we'll prepare your tax return.  You'll be able to review and sign your tax return through Intuit Link.  Once reviewed and signed we'll E-File your completed return with the IRS and State.

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