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Investment Income Tax Services

We can help with a variety of investment-related tax services. Whether you need to report your incentive stock options or require assistance in timing the sale of your investments to minimize taxes, we're here to advise and help. Minimize the tax you pay on your capital gains and keep more of your hard-earned investment income.

Mraz Tax: Investment Income Tax Services

Capital Gains and Losses

We will calculate capital gains or losses from the sale of stocks or other investments, as well as determine whether they are short-term or long-term. If you are unsure what your assets basis is, we can assist in determining it to ensure proper tax reporting. This may be necessary when selling assets that have been gifted, inherited, or used for business purposes.


We will accurately report your qualified and non-qualified dividends, as well as explain the tax consequences of both.

Employee Stock

Our licensed tax advisors can offer guidance on a variety of employee stocks. Incentive Stock Options (ISOs), Nonqualified Stock Options (NSOs), Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), and Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs) are all treated differently and require careful tax planning. Our years of experience navigating these unique stocks allows us to advise on exercise timing, selling shares, and the complexities of alternative minimum tax (AMT).

Tax Loss Harvesting

Tax loss harvesting is a strategy used to offset capital gains. By utilizing tax loss harvesting, you may potentially be able to reduce your taxable income and overall tax due. Our tax advisors are here to help you make the most of this strategy.

Investment Income Strategies

In order to minimize your tax liabilities associated with investment income, it is prudent to choose tax-efficient investments, time asset sales, and use retirement accounts. We are here to help you understand how different choices can impact your tax situation.

State Tax Reporting

If your investments are located across state lines, or you moved during the year, you may have filing requirements in multiple states. We will properly allocate your investment income to the proper states, so you do not run afoul with state tax authorities.

IRS Representation

We are licensed to represent you before the IRS in case of an audit. Should the need arise, we can assist with gathering the necessary documentation to substantiate and support your position, as well as correspond with the IRS on your behalf.

Do you offer free initial consultations?

Yes! We are here to help with all your tax questions, and we offer free initial consultation by email, phone or in person. Our office is in Orange County, California. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Are you licensed by the IRS?

Yes. Milan Mraz is an Enrolled Agent, licensed by the IRS with unlimited practice rights. Enrolled Agents usually help with your tax planning, prepare, sign, and file your tax returns, offer tax advice, and may represent you before the IRS.

Can you prepare a tax return for my small business?

Yes. We help businesses meet all their tax needs year-round. Whether you are self-employed or own a business with multiple employees, Mraz Tax Solutions can handle your business tax return preparation.

Can my tax return preparer review my self-prepared returns?

Yes. We review Federal and State returns self-prepared or by others. We will advise you of missed deductions or audit risks, as well as prepare corrected or amended returns.

Mraz Tax: We help with your Taxes

Why file your taxes with Mraz Tax Solutions?

We specialize in individual and small business tax returns. Whether you're an employee filing a W-2, a contractor taking part in the sharing economy filing a 1099 or a small business owner, we are here to help. We understand the importance of minimizing your tax and getting you the maximum refund you are legally entitled to. In order to do this and to prepare a complete and accurate return we take the time to get to know you and your goals.


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