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Aliso Viejo Local Tax Prep Services

Trust our professionals to navigate the complexities of the tax code and maximize your deductions. Mraz Tax Solutions as your Trusted Aliso Viejo Tax Preparer.

Aliso Viejo Preparer - Mraz Tax Solutions

Trusted Aliso Viejo Tax Preparer and Tax Advisor

Mraz Tax Solutions is your trusted federal, state and local tax advisor and preparer, serving Aliso Viejo and all other Orange County cities for more than 10 years. With our comprehensive income tax preparation services, we cater to both personal and small business tax needs. Our experienced professionals handle your tax returns, ensuring accuracy and maximizing deductions to help you minimize your tax liability.

In addition to tax return preparation, we offer tax return reviews to ensure the correctness and completeness of your filing. We understand the importance of avoiding errors and discrepancies, and our experts are here to provide a thorough review of your tax returns, giving you peace of mind.

It is easy to file your taxes with Mraz Tax as your personal Aliso Viejo Tax Preparer. Whether you are self-employed or own a business with employees, we can handle your business tax return preparation, as well as all your personal taxes.

Not from Aliso Viejo? No problem.
Visit our Orange County Tax Preparation site and learn how we can help with all your tax preparation and tax planning in Orange County California.

We can also help with your past-due taxes

If you have past due taxes or have received IRS notices, our team at Mraz Tax Solutions can assist you. We specialize in reviewing IRS notices and helping you address any outstanding tax issues promptly and efficiently, ensuring compliance and minimizing potential penalties.

Enrolled Agent, licensed by the IRS

As an Enrolled Agent, licensed by the IRS, my goal is to provide you with personalized, professional, and affordable services that meets your needs and expectations.

An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a federally licensed tax professional who has unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS for any issues relating to collections, audits, or tax appeals.

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Other Tax Services Offered by Mraz Tax Solutions

  1. Tax Return Preparation Services
  2. Tax Return Reviews
  3. Past Due Taxes / IRS Notice Reviews
  4. Personalized tax services for individuals, self-employed, and small businesses
  5. Affordable and transparent pricing
  6. Notarizations

Aliso Viejo Tax Preparation List and Pricing

At Mraz Tax Solutions, we believe in transparency and affordability. Our pricing is competitive, and we strive to ensure that you have a clear understanding of our fees and charges upfront. You can trust us to provide reliable and trustworthy tax services without any hidden costs.

  1. Tax return prepared and signed by a licensed tax advisor
  2. Multiple W-2’s
  3. Unemployment income
  4. Earned income tax credit (EIC)
  5. Child tax credits
  6. Student loan interest
  7. State tax return
  8. One-on-one tax return review with your licensed tax advisor prior to signing and filing your tax returns
  9. Year-round access to your tax advisor and documents
  10. Self-employed (1099-NEC) income (Schedule C & SE) or Rental income
  11. Vehicle expenses
  12. Business use of home

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Mraz Tax Solutions

Our services for individuals, self-employed, and small businesses

Keep your mind at peace and get the best tax return possible by letting us prepare your taxes quickly and affordably.

Tax legislation changes every year and it can be difficult for ordinary people to keep up with all changes and to ensure that they maximize their tax refund by submitting all available deductions. Before opting for online tax preparation software, remember that a computer program cannot replace your real-life tax professional.
Here at Mraz Tax Solutions, you will always work with a friendly professional that is prepared to identify all available tax exemptions, incentives and deductions that exist to ensure that you pay the lowest amount of tax that is allowed under applicable law.

Tax Return Review
We review Federal and State returns self-prepared or by others. We'll advise you of missed deductions or audit risks, as well as prepare corrected or amended returns.
Past Due Taxes
Delinquent tax returns are a serious matter. We'll help you gather missing information, get IRS transcripts, prepare returns, and negotiate potential payment plans.
IRS Notice Review
Did you receive an IRS notice? Don't worry. We'll review your notice and help you respond. We can resolve the situation, as well as provide other support services.
Notarizations are provided in office or in the comfort of your home for a small travel fee. Each signature notarized is $15.00.
We offer a free consultation to determine your needs and how we can best serve you. Get in touch

Let us worry about your taxes, so you don't have to.

Keep your mind at peace and get the best tax return possible by letting us prepare your taxes quickly and affordably.